Children and Young people’s Mental Health Indicators: final report

Date: 15th June 2012
Category: Basic Health and Welfare
Author: NHS Health Scotland

The Children and Young People's Mental Health Indicators provide a means to assess and monitor the mental health of Scotland's children and young people. They also look at the contextual factors surrounding a child or young person's mental health.

The final report, and associated appendices, of the mental health indicators for children and young people in Scotland are now available. The report describes the background to the work, the process undertaken in creating the indicators, the rationale and achievements of the project.

It also includes:

  • the framework of constructs (categorising conceptual elements) within which the indicators are structured
  • working understandings for the constructs
  • an overview of the evidence-base for the constructs and indicators
  • the indicators
  • measures and their data sources, including the questions and scales used
  • the recommendations
  • overlaps with other Scottish policies and strategies for children and young people.