CHILDREN 1ST Annual Lecture Report

Date: 15th February 2012
Category: Basic Health and Welfare, Family Environment and Alternative Care

The transcript of the CHILDREN 1ST annual lecture 2011 is now available. The lecture entitled 'Poverty, Families and Community' was delivered in December 2011 by Bob Holman.

Bob is an academic, author and social welfare campaigner with a career spanning more than 50 years in social welfare. He has had an active role in influencing policy as an academic and commentator but is perhaps best known as a poverty campaigner, giving up his academic career to reconnect with grass roots practice amongst children and young people, working initially in Bath and for more than 25 years, in Easterhouse.

Bob delivered a fascinating and thought provoking lecture drawing on his experiences of setting up successful grassroots schemes in two neglected communities, and introduced the audience to his core theory that the poor are best helped by people who live with them, rather than by people who lecture at them.