Scottish Anti-Poverty Review Winter 2011/12

Date: 1st December 2011
Category: Basic Health and Welfare, General measures of implementation
Author: Poverty Alliance

Using assets to address poverty has come to the centre of the anti-poverty debate in Scotland. A focus on the potential and strengths of individuals and communities has been welcomed by many.

However, some have been concerned that the emphasis on assets can lead to a lack of focus on the structural causes of poverty and an increasing individualisation of solutions. This edition of the Scottish Anti-Poverty Review looks at the both the potential and limitations of a focus on assets. Articles include:

  • 'Always look on the bright side: the rise of asset approaches in Scotland', Lynn Friedli, freelance researcher
  • 'Understanding Community Assets', Josh Stott, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • 'The Case for Community Led Regeneration', Angus Hardie, Scottish Community Alliance