10th International Conference of National Human Rights Institutions Resources

Date: 10th October 2010
Category: Civil Rights and Freedoms, General measures of implementation
Author: Scottish Human Rights Commission

Scotland was the host of the 10th International Conference of National Human Rights Institutions, which took place at the Scottish Parliament from 8 - 10 October 2010.

Delegates from over 80 countries including national human rights institutions (NHRIs), international and regional experts, United Nations officials, government representatives, civil society and business organisations discussed and debated human rights issues on the theme of Business and Human Rights, and the role national institutions can play in improving human rights in a globalised world.

Representatives agreed the Edinburgh Declaration at the close of the conference. The Declaration calls for action on corporate abuse of human rights to be stepped up.

The Scottish Human Rights Commission website now includes useful resources from the conference including videos from keynote speakers, reports or press releases.