Aberdeenshire Council ‘Tell It Like It Is Conference’ reports

Date: 31st March 2010
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care
Author: Aberdeenshire Council

A guide to meetings for looked after children was created following the 'Tell It Like It Is Conference' in March 2010 in Inverurie.

The Conference was organised by The Young Peoples' Organising and Campaigning (YPOC) Group with the support of Aberdeenshire's Children's Rights Service.

A group of young people aged 14+ living in foster care, residential care or moved on from care met every four weeks and all had experience of going through many meetings and having people decide what is best for them. A guide was put together based on what young people told Aberdeenshire Council would work better for them.

Some of the young people who came to the 'Tell it like it is' conference commented that meetings were a big issue for them. They felt that no one listened to them at their meeting and sometimes they did not understand what was going on. When Aberdeenshire Council counted up how many meetings young people had to go to, they realised that it's hard having to attend so many meetings where things can change dramatically at each one.

A guide on meetings was written to make people understand what Aberdeenshire Council think would make meetings easier.