Inquiry into Gypsy Travellers and Public Sector Policies

Date: 1st January 2001
Category: Basic Health and Welfare, General measures of implementation
Author: Scottish Executive

In 2001, the Equal Opportunities Committee published a report which examined the relationship between Gypsy/Travellers and public sector policies.

Accommodation was identified as a key issue for Gypsy/Travellers as other public services are dependent on it, e.g. having a certain address can lead to difficulties in accessing service provision, either physically or as a result of discrimination. A number of recommendations were made, including:

  • new provision of local authority sites or site improvement should be made in consultation with Gypsy/Travellers
  • a review of site managers and the appointment of a Gypsy Traveller Liaison Officer by each local authority
  • good practice guidance for local authorities and the police regarding unauthorised camping.

Please visit the archive site for full details of the 2001 report here.