The Promise publishes ‘The Plan’ for 2021-24

Date: 8th April 2021
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care


Following on from the Independent Care Review, ‘The Plan’ sets out key areas organisations must focus on to create a Scotland where the most vulnerable children feel loved, respected, listened to and heard in decisions that affect them.

Between 2017 and 2020, the Independent Care Review heard the experiences of over 5500 care experienced children, young people, adults and professionals working in the care system to create a vision to improve the care system in Scotland. The work of the Care Review culminated in the publication seven reports in February 2020, including ‘The Promise’ which set out what needs to change in the care system to ensure children and young people grow up loved, safe and respected.

Under ‘The Plan’, five key areas that must be prioritised are:

  • A good childhood
  • Whole family support
  • Supporting the workforce
  • Planning
  • Building capacity

These key areas touch on things like family therapy, support for children and young people, schools and exclusion, the importance of safe, loving relationships, youth justice, advocacy, independent living, values and the workforce, investment, information-sharing, data, legislation, children's hearing system and inspection and regulation, and more.