Refreshed Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) practice guidance materials

Date: 13th October 2022
Category: General measures of implementation

Illustration shows adults in suits putting money in a giant piggy bank as children look on.

The Scottish Government has published revised practice guidance materials following consultation with key stakeholders who asked for better guidance on how GIRFEC policies will be put into practice.

GIRFEC is the Scottish Government’s 2006 commitment “to provide all children, young people and their families with the right support at the right time - so that every child and young person in Scotland can reach their full potential”.

Consultation with a number of key stakeholders acknowledged the policy’s efforts to reflect the importance of the child’s voice but pointed towards the need for more clarification for how this would be put into practice.

According to the refreshed Policy Statement, there are a number of key changes including “further clarity in order to provide confidence for practitioners in delivering GIRFEC through a policy, legislative and practice context”. Multiple practice guides further explain the practical elements of the policy including a National Practice Model for practitioners to follow, the need for the use of a named person for children and young people to contact when they need access to services or support and clarification of the scope of a lead professional as “any practitioner or professional providing support to the child or young person could be identified as the lead professional”.