GIRFEC consultation analysis

Date: 15th September 2022
Category: General measures of implementation

Mural shows a group of children all smiling.

Last year the Scottish Government asked for stakeholders’ input on its revision of getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) policy and practice guidance materials. Those responses, along with an independent analysis, are now available, and ask for better guidance on how this policy will be put into practice.

The responses seemed generally satisfied with the clarity and accessibility of the revised GIRFEC principles and policies. However, responses were divided over how this policy would be translated into practice with a lack of confidence in how practitioners could implement these principles. Organisations asked for more guidance on this through best practice examples, more clarity on who is responsible for implementing GIRFEC policies and the need for sufficient resources to do this.

Responses were also mixed in relation to questions about children’s rights and how well stakeholders felt the guidance would help practitioners understand how to embed rights into practice. The majority of respondents, however, felt that the guidance reflected the importance of the child’s voice.