Repealing the Human Rights Act

Date: 1st August 2022
Category: General measures of implementation

Closing date: 26th August 2022

The House of Commons’ Joint Committee on Human Rights is seeking evidence on plans to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a ‘Bill of Rights’. There are two ways to get involved – a very short survey and a formal call for evidence.

Together is clear that proposed Bill of Rights is in fact a #RightsRemovalBill and urges members and supporters to respond to the call for evidence.

The survey is very short and should take only three minutes to complete. It includes seven multiple choice questions, such as “do you think the Human Rights Act should be replaced with a Bill of Rights?”.

The formal call for evidence has a deadline of 26th August, and a limit of 3000 words per response.

The second reading of the Bill is expected to take place on 12th September.