New report on Scotland’s progress keeping The Promise

Date: 7th July 2022
Category: Looked after children

a man is holding a child up on his shoulders

The Promise Scotland Oversight Board is responsible for monitoring the progress towards keeping The Promise. The Promise aims to ensure the most vulnerable children feel loved, respected, listened to and heard in decisions that affect them. Reporting annually until 2030, the Board conclude that although progress is being made, the delivery bodies responsible for Keeping the Promise need to increase the pace and scale of change. 

The Board call for greater, targeted and more qualitative data about how change is felt by children, young people and families. The way data is used has evolved, it meets the needs of the ‘system’, rather than being founded on what matters to children, families and care experienced adults.

Moreover, accountability needs to shift away from individual parts of the 'system' and towards a collective accountability framework focused on the needs of children, young people and families.

The survey is running 01 June – 31 July. If you are an organisation who helps young people to engage in decision-making or supports them to influence others, then this survey is for you.