State of Children’s Rights blog

Date: 28th April 2022
Category: General measures of implementation


Speak Out champion Anna, from Girlguiding Scotland talks about Together’s State of Children’s Rights Report 2022 and why it’s so important for everyone to listen to and champion the rights of children and young people across Scotland, especially now the pandemic has altered the way we live.

In this blog Anna draws comparisons between Together’s report and Girlguiding’s latest Girls’ Attitudes Survey, both of which highlight the importance of accommodating the differing learning styles of children and young people. In doing so, this can result in a better approach to education and support for all kinds of learners.

Another comparison drawn is the importance of play and how not having enough chances to play can impact children’s language development, imagination and social skills.

Anna points to the Girls Taking Action section of Girlguiding Scotland’s webpage to find out more about how to help girls and young women across Scotland speak out and use their voice for change.

A huge thank you to Anna for writing such an influential blog!