Research tender – how can independent funders help make human rights real in Scotland?

Date: 28th April 2022

piggy bank

Could you complete research that will help inform independent funders to think, act and invest in the human rights sphere in Scotland? If so, consider this research tender!

The partners commissioning this research are looking for someone who can:

  • Understand the Scottish context and draw on international learning.
  • Engage in purposeful conversations with people in the independent funding and human rights sectors.
  • Draw well evidenced conclusions on the action and investment needed from independent funders (Scottish, UK and international) who operate (or can operate) in Scotland.
  • Produce practical recommendations, including possible ‘route maps’ to guide funders towards an effective, collaborative approach for independent human rights funding in Scotland.

If this sounds like you or you would like to find out more, click here.

The closing date for completed tenders is 5pm on Monday 9th May.