UK Government responds to calls to End the Young Parent Penalty

Date: 3rd September 2021
Category: Child poverty


Following calls to end to the Young Parent Penalty in Universal Credit, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Work and Pensions MP Wendy Chamberlain, received a response from the UK Government. Within the letter, the UK Government stands by the decision to offer young single parents a lower rate of Universal Credit than those above 25.

Within the letter, the Department of Work and Pensions defends its decision to pay single parents under the age of 25 a lower rate of Universal Credit because "they are more likely to live in someone else's household", "it is in the best interests of children to be in working households" and "[It] is intended to maintain the incentive for younger people to find work".

Contrary to this, it penalises children based on their parent’s age, as young single parent families under the age of 25 will be up to to £66.13 worse off per month. This places young families at an even greater risk of poverty, as families will face to a drop of 20% financial support received per month and it fails to recognise Care Experienced young people do not always have strong and stable family support on offer.

Together continues to call upon the UK Government to #EndTheYoungParentPenalty.