Help shape Together's State of Children’s Rights Report 2021!

Date: 21st June 2021


Each year, with your help we produce a State of Children’s Rights Report. These reports monitor Scotland’s progress in implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and wider international human rights treaties.  We’re asking for your help once again!

 To follow the UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill being passed in March 2021, this year’s report aims to inspire and empower everyone in Scotland ahead of the Bill’s implementation. It will offer practical guidance on implementing children’s rights-based approaches, support on overcoming challenges and case studies of promising practice. The report will be shared with all levels of government, NGOs and professionals.

 We need your ideas to help shape the report! This survey aims to identify:

  1. The challenges you have faced (or expect to face) regarding implementing a children’s rights-based approach in your work.
  2. Examples of promising practice of children’s rights-based approaches, either from your own work or the work of others.

We will also use the survey findings to help shape a webinar series to be held in autumn. These will be open to Together members to share learning and build their capacity to overcome challenges.

We have created an Easy Read and child-friendly version which can be accessed by clicking the links below. If you plan to use these formats, please send all responses to before the 30th July 2021. If you have completed the Easy Read survey and feel comfortable doing so, please complete the 'About You' form attached below.