Scottish Government report shows child poverty gradually rising

Date: 8th April 2021
Category: Child poverty

Image of a bar graph where the bars are gradually increasing

The report addresses poverty and income inequality from 2017-20, including a summary on child poverty.

The report presents three-year averaged estimates of the proportion of adults, children, working-aged adults and pensioners who are living in poverty, and other statistics on household income and income inequality.

The child poverty summary shows the latest poverty estimates and trends in comparison to the Child Poverty Act 2017 targets.

Key findings of the child poverty summary include:

  • Relative and absolute child poverty fell between 1994-95, when data began to be collected, and 2011-12.
  • Since 2012, relative child poverty has been gradually increasing while absolute child poverty has remained largely stable.
  • Child material deprivation, which has been measured since 2004, has been broadly stable in recent years at a level considerably higher than the targets.
  • Persistent poverty, which has been measured since 2010, has started to gradually increase, moving further away from the targets.

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