Together adds support to joint statement on protecting human rights and judicial review

Date: 28th January 2021
Category: General measures of implementation

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Together has joined over 110 human rights-focused organisations in expressing concerns at the UK Government’s intentions to review the human rights framework and judicial review.

Judicial review is a process that enables citizens to challenge the lawfulness of decisions made by public bodies, such as government departments, local councils and health authorities. The UK Government said in December 2019, it plans to ‘update the Human Rights Act’ and following on from this, has launched a new panel to examine reforming judicial review.

The position statement Together supports is as follows:

“While every system could be improved, and protecting rights and freedoms for all is a balancing act, our Human Rights Act is a proportionate and well-drafted protection for the fundamental liberties and responsibilities of everyone in this country.

The Act guarantees the rights to free speech and expression, to life, to liberty, to security, to privacy, to assembly, and to freedom of religion or belief. It prohibits torture and guarantees fair trials and the rule of law.

Judicial review is an indispensable mechanism for individuals to assert those rights and freedoms against the power of the state.”

Dr Katie Boyle created a blog and briefing which focuses on the potential consequences of the reforms proposed from the review, which may be minor nature but could have significant implications for citizens in Scotland.

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