How is COVID-19 affecting young children?

Date: 12th October 2020
Category: Basic Health and Welfare

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Public Health Scotland developed the COVID-19 Early Years Resilience and Impact Survey to find out about the experience and impact of COVID-19 on children aged two to seven years old in Scotland. Over 11,000 parents and carers from all over Scotland responded.

The survey covered the themes of key behaviours, children’s play and learning, use of outdoor spaces and social interactions, and the experience of parents and carers.

The findings show COVID-19 has had differing impacts on children and their families – both positive and negative. Between 22nd June and 6th July 2020, one in 10 children had better: mood, behaviour and concentration. In addition, one in ten children ate better and two in 10 children did more physical activity. By contrast, half of the children were recorded to have worse mood, behaviour and did less physical activity. Moreover, three in 10 children ate worse and four in 10 had worse concentration.

These results can be found here.