Support the #YoungBrexitVoices campaign!

Date: 20th August 2020


The Children and Young People’s Panel on Europe has led a two-week social media campaign highlighting members’ key asks of the Scottish and UK Government in relation to Brexit. Whilst 21st August 2020 marks the end of the social media campaign, the Panel’s “What Happens After Brexit?” survey will remain open until 15th September 2020.

The Panel was formed in summer 2018 to ensure that children and young people’s voices are heard in discussions about leaving the EU. The project is supported by Together and Children in Scotland, with funding from Scottish Government.

The Panel published its initial report - "Listen to Us" - in February 2019, setting out recommendations for decision makers across a range of topics. From the 10th to the 21st August 2020 the #YoungBrexitVoices social media campaign shared a series of infographics to show decision makers what the Panel thinks is important as we exit the EU, and what members would like to see happen in relation to:

The Economy, Trade and Jobs


EU Funding

Opportunities to Work, Study and Travel in the EU

The Panel would really appreciate your support amplifying their message and sharing their work across social media. Alternatively, you can make a pledge to listen to the voices of children and young people as the UK leaves the EU.

Moreover, if you are a parent, carer or an organisation working with children and young people, please support the #YoungBrexitVoices campaign by sharing this survey with your network and helping children and young people aged eight to 22 to give their views. The survey will be open until 15th September 2020.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch with Maria ( or Naomi (