Together coordinates workshop on simplified reporting procedure

Date: 10th December 2019


The next examination of the UK’s progress in implementing the UNCRC will take place under the ‘Simplified Reporting Procedure”.  This will result in a new set of recommendations (known as Concluding Observations) from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2022. The workshop, held in Belfast on 2nd December, aimed to raise awareness and understanding of the new procedure, and support the coordination of civil society submissions. Participants included NGOs, children’s commissioners and devolved governments representatives from across the UK and Jersey.

Presentations were given by Child Rights Connect and the Dutch NGO Coalition for Children’s Rights.

Child Rights Connect provided an overview of the new procedure, highlighting how it compares to the standard procedure. The presentation focused on coordination and planning at national level to adapt to the new procedure, including around child participation, Committee country visits, preparing the alternative report and the submission to the list of issues prior to reporting (LOIPR).

The Dutch NGO Coalition for Children’s Rights outlined their recent and ongoing experience of the simplified reporting procedure, sharing their learning with participants.

Subsequent discussions focused on the need for civil society coordination, in the run up to (and during) the UK’s review under the new procedure throughout 2020-22.

The presentation aimed to help UK stakeholders prepare for the upcoming simplified reporting procedure. 

In early 2020, Together will get in touch with its members to set out how they can get involved in highlighting priority children’s rights issues for inclusion in the List of Issues report.