Together raises concerns about cross-border safeguarding in the event of a no-deal Brexit

Date: 29th October 2019
Category: Right to life, survival and development, Child trafficking


The parliamentary briefing, issued jointly with members of the UK Children and Brexit coalition, outlines the implications of leaving the EU without a deal on cross-border safeguarding arrangements for children.

It notes that many crimes affecting children are increasingly complex, with many having international elements and requiring cross-border cooperation.

In the event a no-deal Brexit, the UK would cease to be a member of vital cross-border agencies such as Europol and would lose access to Schengen Information System II, an information sharing system which is used to report missing children and adults. The briefing raises concerns that this could affect the UK’s ability to safeguard children across borders and apprehend those who exploit children.

It calls on the UK Government to provide assurances on the interim measures they are putting into place in the event of leaving the EU without a deal.