Key messages from seminar on UNCRC Incorporation and Youth Work

Date: 11th September 2019
Category: General measures of implementation


This policy seminar, held on the 28th of August 2019 in Glasgow, gathered over 40 delegates from a range of organisations to discuss the UNCRC incorporation into Scots law and youth work.

Seminar questions and discussion points were informed by guidance provided by Together.

The following key findings emerged from the seminar:

  • A majority of delegates favoured a copy and paste (direct) model for the incorporation.
  • Most delegates believed that direct incorporation needs to happen now.
  • Children, young people and adults need to know about their rights. More education is needed and youth work is well-placed to provide this support.
  • Training materials need to be developed for the youth work sector so that it is in a good position to support children and young people’s rights
  • Clear processes and guidance about what children and young people should do if their rights are breached is needed.
  • Future government consultations need to be accessible and representative of a wide range of views.

Read the full report of the seminar.