UN human rights experts applaud children fighting climate change

Date: 2nd April 2019
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare, Civil Rights and Freedoms


In response to the adoption of the Resolution on environmental human rights defenders, Child Rights Connect has shared a press release circulated by the Committee on the Rights of the Child, jointly with the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders and the Special Rapporteur. They highlight the importance of the resolution for children who are currently standing up for their right to a healthy and sustainable environment.

It is the first joint statement on this topic that supports the current child-led initiatives around climate change and children’s contributions to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The press release specifically mentions the 2016 Day of General Discussion on children’s rights and the environment and the 2018 Day of General Discussion on protecting and empowering children as human rights defenders. Read the press release here