I is for Incorporation: Members of Children’s Parliament call for incorporation of the UNCRC into Scots Law

Date: 18th December 2018
Category: Incorporation


As part of their A-Z #CPYearinReview, Children’s Parliament has published an article capturing children’s views on and calls for incorporation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into Scots Law.  

“Rights are important, very important! It’s actually a bit of care and love for you!” MCP, age 9  

“Please make people follow children’s rights harder and make an effort to enforce them in Scotland and then we will inspire other nations to do the same.” MCP, age 10  

As the work of Children’s Parliament and many of Together’s other members demonstrate, children and young people have been calling for incorporation of children’s human rights as outlined in the UNCRC for decades. With the Scottish Government’s commitment to incorporation in the 2018 Programme for Government, it is essential that children and young people’s voices and experiences already documented across civil society directly influence and shape the legislation going forward.