Scotland's Ten Year Strategy for the Learning Provision for Children and Young People with Complex Additional Support Needs 2017-2026

Date: 13th June 2017
Category: Inclusive education

This Strategy for 2017-2026 aims to support improved outcomes for children and young people with complex additional support needs through strategic commissioning of national services with particular focus on the provision of education.

The strategy is based on recommendations made in the Doran Review published in November 2012. While this strategy also recognises the critical role played by social services and health in supporting educational outcomes, the strategy is set within the context of The Additional Support for Learning Act 2004.

The National Improvement Framework and Curriculum for Excellence apply to all children and young people including those with complex additional support needs. Given that these needs are of relatively low incidence and attract a high level of resourcing and require specialist input, Scottish education requires a particular strategy to ensure that the needs of this group are met. This strategy sets out how this will be addressed over the next decade.

The aims of the consultation on the proposed strategy are:

  • Gain feedback from the wider stakeholder group including professionals and parents/carers on whether the overall strategy is robust and will support the delivery of the aims and objectives.
  • To gather views/opinions on how the strategy can build capacity - especially around identification of the types of services/provision that are needed to build capacity.