Scottish Government consultation on independent advocacy

Date: 17th June 2013
Category: Respect for the views of the child, General measures of implementation

The Scottish Government have opened a consultation on the proposed update to Independent Advocacy: A Guide for Commissioners, with a deadline for submissions of 19th July 2013. The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA) has produced a briefing to inform responses.

SIAA are keen that the proposed update to the Guide for Commissioners continues to give clear guidance about the importance of commissioning effective independent advocacy; that it will help commissioners meet their statutory duty as required by the Mental Health Act, while firmly holding onto the principles that underpin the Mental Health Act and independent advocacy.

In the consultation, the Scottish Government are seeking views on a revision of the Independent Advocacy Guide for Commissioners originally published by the Scottish Executive Health Department in 2001 and subsequently revised and reissued by the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance in 2010.

The guide has been updated to reflect changes and development since its publication in 2010 and to reflect Commissioners' statutory responsibilities for the provision of independent advocacy. and the principles and standards they should apply when commissioning advocacy services.

Please note the deadline for responses is 19th July 2013.