Committee on the Rights of the Child opens 63rd session in Geneva

Date: 27th May 2013
Category: UK 1st periodic review

Eight new members were welcomed and a new Chairperson was elected as the Committee on the Rights of the Child opened its 63rd session in Geneva on the 27th May 2013.

Pursuant to its rules of procedure, the Committee met in private to elect its new Chairperson, electing Kirsten Sandberg (Norway) for this role. Ms Wan Hea Lee (OHCHR), speaking on behalf of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, noted that this Chairpersonship would be significant, looking ahead to further changes in the treaty body strengthening process and anticipating that the 3rd Optional Protocol to establish a Communications Procedure may come into force in the course of the new Chairperson's term.

Each new member took his or her oath to perform the duties as Committee members "honourably, faithfully and conscientiously" and according to the principles of independence and impartiality.

The Committee Bureau will be made up of four Vice-Chairpersons: Ms. Aseil Al-Shehail (Saudi Arabia), Mr. Benyam Mezmur (Ethiopia), Ms. Sara de Jesús Oviedo Fierro (Ecuador) and Ms. Hiranthi Wijemanne (Sri Lanka); and one Rapporteur: Ms. Maria Herzcog (Hungary).

Child Rights Connect looks forward to a productive session with active participation by NGOs.

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