Innovation Fund to support Separated Families

Date: 19th August 2012

The DWP has launched a new Innovation Fund to support separated families and help them to collaborate in the best interests of their children.

Up to £14 million will be allocated over two bidding rounds with around 12 - 20 contracts being let in total over both rounds.

The two key objectives of the new fund are to:

  • Increase the number of children benefiting from child maintenance arrangements by reducing conflict and improving collaboration between separated and separating parents. This will be achieved by developing effective interventions that help parents work together to make their own arrangements and avoid using the Courts or the Child Support Agency.
  • Test a wide range of interventions to understand what is effective in encouraging collaboration and reducing conflict amongst separating and separated parents. DWP will develop an evidence base of the most effective interventions across the spectrum of help and support available i.e. from intensive couple therapy to web based guidance and support.

The fund is open to public, private and voluntary sector organisations, either on their own or as part of a partnership. Bids can be for up to a two year contract period; maximum size is £1.5 million, with no minimum levels. Bids based on a particular locality can be anywhere in Great Britain.