Every fortnight, Together will be shining a light on the work of its member organisations. This 'Membership Spotlight' feature was launched in early 2021. 

The feature takes the form of a fortnightly blog in which members can tell people what they are currently working on and how other individuals and NGOs can support them.

If you are currently an organisational member and would like to take part in a Membership Spotlight then email caitlin@togetherscotland.org.uk


June 2024: Play Scotland

We are shining the light on Play Scotland ahead of International Day of Play. Play opens up a whole world of possibilities. That’s why the United Nations General Assembly adopted an annual International Day of Play, on the 11th of June. This is because they believe every child can reach their full potential, with the time, space and access to play. Use the hashtag #InternationalDayOfPlay.

June 2024: CYCJ Scotland

We are shining the light on The Children and Young People’s Centre for Justice (CYCJ) find out what they are currently working on and their involvement in the Children (Care and Justice) (Scotland) Bill. 

May 2024: Winning Scotland 

We are shining the light on Winning Scotland, last month they held their first ever National Learning Event for Planet Youth in Scotland, an evidence-based approach to helping our young people live healthier and happier lives.

May 2024: The Fostering Network 

We are shining the light on The Fostering Network who have now been a member for nearly four years. It’s Foster Care Fortnight and we are sharing how individuals and organisations can get involved #FCF24 #FosteringMoments!

April 2024: Environmental Rights Centre for Scotland

We are shining the light the Environmental Rights Centre for Scotland who have now been a member of Together for three years. On International Mother Earth Day, we are sharing what the Environmental Rights Centre are currently working on to improve environmental rights.

April 2024: Scottish Child Law Centre

New month, new learning opportunity from our Member Scottish Child Law Centre. They want individuals and NGOs to support their newly launched online masterclasses. They have also answered our #RightsOnTrack campaign question!

March 2024: Magic Breakfast 

During International School Meals Day 2024, we shared our latest Membership Spotlight with Magic Breakfast. They have been a Together member for three years. They provide thousands of breakfasts across Scotland to children and young people living in disadvantaged areas.


March 2024: Carers Trust Scotland

We are shining the light on Carers Trust Scotland who have now been a member of Together for three years. They want individuals and NGOs to support Young Carers Action Day! They support our new campaign #RightsOnTrack


February 2024: Families Outside 

We are shining the light on Families Outside who have now been a member of Together for three years. Specifically, in this spotlight, we highlight their new dates for Training for Professionals. Plus, they answer our new campaign #RightsOnTrack question!

February 2024: LGBT Youth Scotland 

During #LGBTplusHM and #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek we are shining the light on LGBT Youth Scotland, who have now been a member of Together for four years. Specifically, in this spotlight, they highlight Purple Friday bringing people all over Scotland together, to show their support for LGBTQ+ young people. Plus, they answer our new campaign #RightsOnTrack question!

December 2023: Sistema Scotland 

On the lead up to #HumanRightsDay we are shining the light on one of our newest members which is Sistema Scotland. Find out more information about them and their response to our #RightsOnTrack campaign question!

November 2023: respectme 

From the 1317 November we are shining the light with a Membership Spotlight on respectme as part of #AntiBullyingWeek 2023. They have been a Together member for over a decade! Find out more about this years Anti-Bullying Week and how you can get involved. 

October 2023: Man On! Inverclyde

It's a new month, why not take a moment to read about one of our new members which is Man On! Inverclyde. A mental health, wellbeing and suicide prevention charity based in Greenock, Scotland.

September 2023: The Destiny Project

We shine the light on The Destiny Project. As we approach Youth Mental Health Day 2023, #YMHD, on Tuesday 19th September 2023 they would like to highlight to other organisations how they can get involved.

September 2023: Children 1st 

We are shining the light on Children 1st as they mark as very special moment in history, as they open as open Scotland's first #BairnsHoose

August 2023: Quakers 

Quakers are a faith group committed to working for equality and peace. We challenge the promotion of war and violence and instead encourage education rooted in peace and justice. In this Membership Spotlight they discuss their projects and commitment towards the promotion of peace education. Including, the musical performance “Wangari’s Trees of Peace”, performed in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 21 September (International Day of Peace) 2023 #PeaceDay

August 2023: Staf (Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum)

We shine the light on Staf who are Scotland’s national membership organisation for all of those involved in the lives of young people leaving care. They run opportunities for Care Experienced people including: mental health and wellbeing hubs during #CareExperiencedWeek, Youth Justice Voices and The National Leadership Network.

August 2023: The ALLIANCE 

We shine the light on The ALLIANCE’s Health and Social Care Academy and Children and Young People Programme in partnership with Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights) to host a panel discussion as part of the Being Human Series, ‘UNCRC: Beyond Incorporation’.

August 2023: Children's Health Scotland

Children's Health Scotland are providing more information about their FREE Self-Management Skills (SMS) Programmes. The programme is for children and young people aged 9-18 across Scotland living with a health condition or concern.

July 2023: Befriending Networks

As we approach International Day of Friendship or World Friendship Day on Sunday 30th July 2023, we share our latest Membership Spotlight from Befriending Networks. Befriending Networks has been a member of Together since 2021, supporting children and young people befriending projects nationwide. On #FriendshipDay, they’re partnering with Together to celebrate how befriending can build connections that support children and young people.

July 2023: The Sound Lab

This month we provided a warm welcome to one of our newest members - The Sound Lab. They provided an overview of their creativity and how others can get involved. 

June 2023: Girlguiding Scotland

During #VolunteersWeek, we published our latest Membership Spotlight from Girlguiding Scotland. We hear from Elaine, Scottish Chief Commissioner and Girlguiding Volunteer, focusing on the importance of volunteers and that the impact they have on the next generation.

May 2023: Early Years Scotland

On the Sunday 14th May 2023, we shared our latest Membership Spotlight during National Children's Day #NCDUK2023Early Years Scotland is Scotland’s leading national specialist organisation that supports our youngest children from pre-birth to 5 years of age. Find out what they are currently working on and why they have picked a herd of elephants to describe their organisation. 

May 2023: People Know How

On Wednesday 10th May 2023, we shared People Know How's Membership Spotlight. They are one of our newest members and wanted to provide a warm welcome sharing an overview and insight into their work.


April 2023: Forces Children Scotland

As we approach the end of April, Forces Children Scotland, reflect on recent project launches for Month of the Military Child. They also have an up and coming project launch in May which is a video-led campaign, exploring the question - What does it feel like for children & young people when a parent leaves the armed forces?

April 2023: Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance 

As we approach Independent Advocacy Awareness Week (24th - 28th April), we would like to share the latest Membership Spotlight which is Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance. The spotlight discusses 'What is Independent Advocacy?' along with events which people can sign-up to during the week. 

April 2023: Young Scot 

It's a new month and we would like to share one of our newest members which is Young Scot! On the 3rd April 2023, we share their journey and how UNCRC is at the heart of everything that they do. The article includes an informative infographic and their pick of animal which is a dolphin.

March 2023: Licketyspit

On the 27th March 2023, Licketyspit announced their latest project Big Porridge and Play Glasgow along with their new film. Licketyspit is a children’s theatre and play organisation and the home of Storyplay Scotland. They deliver Storyplay projects in schools, nurseries, communities, cultural venues and online, with 3-8 year olds and their families with a focus on children and families who experience poverty, isolation and/or trauma.

March 2023: Carers Trust Scotland 

On the 15th March 2023, Carers Trust Scotland took to social media to mark Young Carers Action Day, asking people and our members to join them with posting and signing up to their letter. The theme this year was Make Time for Young Carers’. Carers Trust in Scotland works to transform the lives of unpaid carers. They work to improve support, services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of caring, unpaid, for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problem.


March 2023: Children's Parliament

Dignity in School is an exciting 3-year programme facilitated by Children’s Parliament with funding from the Gordon Cook Foundation. Now in its second year, Dignity in School works with two clusters of primary schools, one in Clackmannanshire and the other in Dundee. The Dignity in School programme supports them in understanding the experiential approach of children’s human rights.

February 2023: YouthLink Scotland

YouthLink Scotland is the national agency for youth work in Scotland. Their strength lies in the diversity and dedication of their membership of over 120 voluntary and statutory youth work organisations across Scotland, spanning every local authority. They discuss their chosen animal Zebra and why it relates to their organisation. 


2022 Previous Spotlights

December 2022: Who Cares? Scotland 

On the run up to Human Rights Day, Who Cares? Scotland Scotland challenges us to think about how to ensure a lifetime of equality, respect and love for Care Experienced people with Scotland’s new Human Rights Bill.


2021 Previous Spotlights 

Week 1: Shared Parenting Scotland

Shared Parenting Scotland tells us about its work and recent projects.

Week 2: Who Cares? Scotland

Who Cares? Scotland shares information on Care Day 2021 and how you can continue to support care experienced children and young people beyond this international day.

Week 3: Salvesen Mindroom Centre

Salvesen Mindroom Centre provides support to children and young people living with learning difficulties, their families and the professionals who work with them. Discover how children and young people influence its work. 

Week 4: Carers Trust Scotland

Carers Trust Scotland offers information on how you can support Young Carers Action Day 2021! The theme is 'Protect Young Carers’ Futures' - highlighting the incredible skills that children and young people develop through being an unpaid carer and the need to provide mental health support.

Week 5: Upstart Scotland

Upstart are campaigning for a relationship-centred, play-based kindergarten stage for children between 3 and 7 years old. Read the full blog post to find out more about their work, their book ‘Play is the Way’ and how you can get involved and support them!

Week 6: Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance

Independent advocacy is fundamentally about everyone having the right to a voice: addressing barriers and imbalances of power, and ensuring that a person’s rights are recognised, respected, and secured. Find out how SIAA do this by reading the blog post.

Week 7: Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD)

SCLD tell us about their work around Covid-19, human rights, participation and Scottish Learning Disability Week 2021 as well as how you can get involved in what they're doing and support them.

Week 8: Save the Children

Aiming to reduce the number of children experiencing poverty and the impact it has on children in the early years and their families, Save the Children campaign at a national level and also work across Scotland. 

Week 9: Families Outside 

As the only national charity that works solely on behalf of children and families affected by imprisonment, Families Outside offers direct support; training of key professionals; and development of policy and practice.