Together has five members of staff.

Juliet Harris - Director

Picture of Together Director

As Director of Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights), Juliet leads the organisation in promoting and monitoring the implementation of Scotland’s international human rights obligations to children and young people, including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  She works with Together's membership of over 380 children's organisations and professionals to produce an annual State of Children's Rights report, liaises with government and parliamentarians to further children's rights in policy and practice, and reports on progress to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.  She sits on the Taskforce for the UN Committee’s Day of General Discussion on Children as Human Rights Defenders, as well as on a number of advisory groups with the Scottish Government and Scottish Human Rights Commission.  She is Vice Chair of the Children’s Parliament and Chair of the Rights of the Child UK Coalition.  Juliet's previous experience includes six years tackling the destitution and poverty of refugees and asylum seekers, alongside several roles working in the field of health and homelessness.  Juliet has an LLM in International Human Rights Law and regularly lectures at the University of Edinburgh on children’s human rights law and policy. 

Maria Doyle - Legal & Policy Manager

Maria is Together's Legal & Policy Manager. She has been with the organisation since May 2017 when she joined to complete a placement as part of her LLM in Human Rights Law. During this time she conducted a research project into the impact of Brexit on children's rights with a particular focus on cross-border family law proceedings. Maria also has an LLB in Scots Law and completed her undergraduate dissertation on EU immigration controls and their interaction with refugee law. Maria previously held roles as Together's Legal Research Officer and Assistant Research Officer.

Suki Wan - Assistant Policy Officer

Photograph of Suki Wan MSYP, Assistant Policy Officer

Suki is an Assistant Policy Officer at Together. Suki leads on the research for and writing of this year’s State of Children’s Rights Report. Suki comes from a background of youth politics with her other role as Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament, having been an MSYP since 2015.

Suki is currently taking a year out at the University of Glasgow but will be returning next year to finish her degree in Politics. When she has the time she enjoys making tea and watching cheesy 90s rom-coms.


Kirndeep Kaur - Policy & Communications Assistant

Kirndeep Kaur is the Policy and Communications Assistant. She is responsible for the communications of the organisation, keeping all media outlets up to date with relevant and interesting news and expanding the outreach of the organisation. She also supports the Legal and Policy Manager which, amongst other tasks, includes researching and drafting briefings and the annual State of Children’s Rights Report.

Kirndeep has an undergraduate LLB in Scots law from the University of Strathclyde and a LLM Human Rights Law from Queen Mary University of London. Having previously worked for Amnesty International, Kirndeep has strong experience in the role of NGOs, and the crucial impact that they have in holding international human rights to account in domestic settings.

Louise Wood - Business Support Officer

Profile coming soon.