Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland introduces new four-year plan

Date: 17th May 2024
Category: General measures of implementation, General principles, Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

hand writing on a sheet of paper

The Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland (CYPCS) has introduced its plan for the next four years, based on children and young people’s experiences, insights, and opinions.

Since World Children’s Day (20 November) last year, children and young people have told CYPCS what they want them to work on, how they want them to work, and how they want their Commissioner to be.

The 2024-28 plan was released on the 29th April and  has been built around children and young people’s views. The CYPCS team made it a point to reach out to children and young people whose voices often go unheard, and travelled across Scotland for face-to-face conversations with children. Additionally, they’ve hosted online sessions, where over 7,000 children and young people joined in, and received feedback from more than 5,000 through surveys.

The main areas of focus for CYPCS, as identified by children and young people, will be education, poverty, mental health, discrimination, and climate change. Children and young people also said that they want to be more involved in the decisions that affect their lives.