Media Ambassadors’ films 2023

Date: 8th February 2024
Category: Young carers


The Media Ambassadors are a group of young carers, aged 16-18 who have taken part in film making training over the summer and attended the Scottish young carers festival to create films on issues important to them. This year, the group have created four films around the themes of transitions, mental health support, financial support and greater awareness of who young carers are.

The first film talks about who a young carer is and what support exists for young carers. The second is about transitions and support for the future describing how their caring role should not define their future goals and aspirations, they should be encouraged to move onto further education or careers they can be proud of. The third film talks about how being a young carer can affect their mental health because being a young carer can be very isolating, it is not a thing that most people seem to understand. The last film talks about what financial support exists for young carers and why it’s important having the right financial support can go a long way in helping them take opportunities they normally have said no to.

Click on the links to watch the films.