UNCRC Bill is passed by Scottish Parliament – a huge victory for children and young people who have been involved, past and present!

Date: 15th December 2023
Category: General measures of implementation, Incorporation

photo of children, young people and adult supporters celebrating in the Scottish Parliament

For over 10 years, children, young people and adults have stepped up to lead this important campaign and their hard work has finally paid off. Thursday 7th December 2023 was a historic day as the amended UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill was unanimously passed in Scottish Parliament. Read on to find out more about the day and how we celebrated with children and young people.

Incorporation of the UNCRC into Scots law is a vital step to ensuring children and young people have their rights recognised and protected. This bill will help ensure that children’s rights are at the heart of policy and decision making.

We had a fantastic evening celebrating with our amazing young human rights defenders together with MSPs, government officials and other supporters at the Scottish Parliament. We took some great photos to capture the moments using our photo frame. It was indeed a day of celebration for us!

Juliet Harris, Director of Together said: “As we celebrate, we continue to urge the Scottish Government to seize opportunities to expand the scope of the bill and continue funding the essential programme of work needed to embed the UNCRC across all public services. The UNCRC bill will signify legal change, but it’s true power lies as a catalyst for cultural change”.

Congratulations to all the children, young people and their supporters who advocated for incorporation – this would not have happened without you!