New publication- exploring ecocide and children’s rights

Date: 18th December 2023
Category: General measures of implementation, Civil Rights and Freedoms

climate change

This report is a call to recognise ecocide as a children’s rights crisis. By criminalising ecocide, we protect children’s rights, ensure intergenerational equity, and preserve the beauty and vitality of the natural world.

The report highlights three fundamental ways in which criminalising ecocide would strengthen the protection of children’s rights. First, it would contribute to upholding the four key principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: non-discrimination (Article 2), the best interests of the child (Article 3), the right to survival and development (Article 6), and the views of the child (Article 12). Second, it will promote intergenerational equity by holding perpetrators of ecocide accountable, ensuring the well-being of children and the sustainability of our future. Thirdly it will act as a powerful tool, preventing decision-makers from engaging in ecocidal activities without foresight or precaution.

The authors write that criminalisation of ecocide is not only a legal mechanism but also a profound statement of our values as a global community. This report calls on law makers, policy makers and influencers to recognise the urgency of the situation and take decisive action.

Read full report here.