Letter to First Minister about human rights

Date: 18th December 2023

Together, alongside 57 other organisations, signed a letter to the First Minister on progressing human rights in Scotland. The letter talks about the different breaches of fundamental rights experienced by people living in Scotland and it urges the Scottish Government to take progressive measures to make all human rights a reality for everyone in Scotland.

The letter also highlights three chief concerns related to the proposed Human Rights Bill, drawing upon learning from the UNCRC Bill:

  1. "That the Bill must be as strong as possible and go as far as possible, within the devolution settlement. The Bill needs to take a maximalist approach to group rights treaties, and place effective duties on Scottish Government and public bodies. The ask is for assurance that these concerns will be listened to and will shape the Bill.
  2. The letter also emphasise that this bill must not only be passed but must also lead to progressive and positive change, urging the Scottish Government to work directly with leaders in public authorities to raise their awareness of the Bill and to begin steps towards its implementation.
  3. Lastly, the letter urges the Scottish Government to take steps to broaden its scope as far as possible, specifically asking that the Scottish government set out a clear timetable for legislative review.

Read the full letter here.