Attitudes to human rights in Scotland

Date: 18th December 2023
Category: General measures of implementation, Civil Rights and Freedoms

report in text

People in Scotland are more likely to support human rights than not and are increasingly worried about having fewer human rights, according to new research published by the Scottish Human Rights Commission. The Commission asked public opinion specialists YouGov to carry out research to investigate public attitudes towards human rights in Scotland and published these results for Human Rights Day.

YouGov research shows that almost half of people in Scotland support human rights, with support increasing by six per cent since 2017 to 48% of Scots. 

Jan Savage is Executive Director of the Commission said:

“Sunday 10th December 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human rights belong to every one of us, and they exist in the lives, communities and attitudes of real people in real places. Our timely new research shows a significant increase both in support for human rights, and in concern about the prospect of people experiencing fewer human rights in Scotland.

“This report helps us understand public attitudes towards human rights and gives us a more detailed picture of how public views on human rights in Scotland are evolving over time. It also shows that fewer people know where to go for help about their human rights. This is a concern for the Commission.

“These findings help us identify areas of focus for the Commission’s next Strategic Plan 2024-28, which we will lay before the Scottish Parliament in early 2024. Our findings will also be of interest to duty bearers, regulators and elected representatives who have responsibilities to uphold human rights.”