New Council of Europe Recommendation aims to strengthen national reporting systems for professionals on violence against children

Date: 5th October 2023
Category: Violence against children

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The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers has taken a significant and proactive step in the fight against violence against children by adopting a new Recommendation aimed at improving reporting systems.

Violence against children, often hidden and underreported, continues to be a pervasive issue. Professionals working with children frequently encounter obstacles when trying to report signs of violence, and children often lack access to safe, child-friendly counselling and reporting services. The recommendation emphasizes the need for member states to establish clear rules outlining responsibilities for reporting violence and responding to such reports and their subsequent follow-up actions.

The newly adopted recommendation will serve as a guide for member states, helping them establish effective reporting mechanisms to safeguard children's rights.

This proactive step reinforces the commitment to protect children from violence and underscores the importance of cooperation among member states to achieve this goal.