Human Rights Bill for Scotland consultation – new children’s resources available!

Date: 17th July 2023
Category: Other human rights treaties and mechanisms, General measures of implementation, General principles

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Closing date: 5th October 2023

Scottish Government is gathering views to help inform how it will take forward the Human Rights Bill. Together has published a child-friendly consultation guide to help children and young people have their say!

The Human Rights Bill will incorporate four treaties into Scots law and Scottish Government wants your say on how best to do this.

Children’s consultation resources

The Together Team has been working on child-friendly resources, with advice and support from the Rights Detectives.

Two different sets of resources are available - one for children who are new to the topic and another for children who already have some base knowledge of human rights and incorporation. Each pack comes with an accompanying facilitator guide for adults who are supporting children to share their views:

Other guides and resources

  • Together's Guide: we have created a guide to support members navigate the children's rights implications of the proposals. This can be found here.
  • Human Rights Consortium Scotland, Consultation Guide - a guide which takes you through each of the consultation questions, highlighting the key rights issues and things to consider when preparing your own response. Access the guide here.
  • SCLD, 'The State of Our Rights' - a report which considers human rights issues facing people with learning disabilities, including reflections and recommendations to consider in light of the Human Rights Bill. Find out more here.
  • Facilitators Guide: a separate Facilitator’s Guide has also been published by Scottish Government. This is a guide to help adults and organisations hold their own group discussions about the Bill which provides an overview of the consultation and potential questions for facilitation. This can be found here.

Consultation events

Scottish Government is also hosting a series of consultation events online and in person throughout July, August and September. Book your place via the links below.