New policy report on the Promise to infants and babies

Date: 25th April 2023
Category: Special protection measures


The NSPCC has just published a report on the Promise, identifying practical changes that can be made to bring the voice and needs of infants (age 0-3) to the forefront of Child Protection Orders and Children’s Hearing system referrals, a useful resource for local authorities, health and social care partnerships and other organisations working to improve early help and support for children and families.

The new ‘Keeping the Promise to infants in Scotland’ report takes the recommendations from the Scottish Care Review, The Promise, and analyses what these mean for very young children. The report is aimed at those charged with implementing The Promise at national and local levels in Scotland.

According to the report, infants are now the most common user of the welfare function of the Children’s Hearing System yet their needs are often overlooked in decision making, revealing that 25% of all children who receive Child Protection Orders are less than 20 days old.