Together responds to alcohol marketing consultation

Date: 8th March 2023
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

Graphic shows children and adults walking along a street. Alcohol adverts are visible on a large billboard and in a shop window.

Scottish Government is seeking views on proposals to restrict alcohol advertising and promotion. Together’s response highlights the children’s rights issues and repeated calls from children and young people about reducing the visibility and harmful impact of alcohol on their lives.

The consultation seeks views on a range of proposals, including:

  • Prohibiting alcohol sports and events sponsorship
  • Prohibiting alcohol marketing in outdoor settings and public spaces
  • Restricting visibility of alcohol in retail settings
  • Prohibiting sale of alcohol-branded merchandise
  • Prohibiting advertising of alcohol in print media, online, radio, cinema and on TV
  • Restricting the content of alcohol marketing

Together’s response draws from research by Children’s Parliament, Scottish Youth Parliament and Alcohol Focus Scotland to highlight children’s concerns and proposals for change:

“When children went to the football stadium, there would be less fights. The stadium would be tidy, and people wouldn’t shout as much.”

“Adverts can make people make bad choices. You see people buying lots of alcohol just before the shop closes.”

“Sometimes it’s on these big boards [in shops]. It says buy 2 for £1 or something like that – it’s adverts for alcohol. Or in magazines. There’s always adverts for alcohol.”

It also highlights guidance from the UN Committee on the Rights of the child that calls for children to be protected from marketing and promotion of harmful substances.