The Rights Detectives Report Launch

Date: 2nd March 2023
Category: Incorporation

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On Thursday 2nd of March 2023, we published our Rights Detectives Report providing an update to Scottish Government. Our Rights Detectives have been extremely busy investigating and completing missions to help shape Scotland's new Human Rights Bill! 

The Detectives - a group of children aged 11 - 17 from across Scotland - have completed two missions and spoken to 84 children and young people so far. 

For their first mission, the Detectives decided they wanted to speak to family, friends and neighbours, asking them questions about what Scotland would be like if it was the fairest and best place in the world for everyone. Children considered what the Scottish Government should do to improve them – read from page 14 of the Report find out about the surprising statistics and findings from the First Mission.

The Second Mission involved the Detectives exploring questions set out by the Scottish Government, and they then co-designed workshops with their supporting organisations, using activities with children and young people of different age groups to answer these questions.

The Detectives are now looking at their next mission on access to justice. Follow us on Twitter to track their progress and keep up to date!

Mapping Report

Children and young people often express frustration that adults repeatedly ask them the same questions but do little with what they have heard. This report summarises what we already know about children’s views and experiences of their human rights. The aim is to help The Rights Detectives as they are planning their investigations. The report, if you click here you can access, follows a mapping exercise of engagement projects conducted with children since the beginning of 2020. It focuses on projects funded by (or delivered in partnership with) public authorities including Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and executive agencies. This information was gathered through a survey of our members and desk research. It covers a snapshot of projects and is not expected to comprehensively cover every single project commissioned during this time.