New report sharing the voices and experiences of young carers and young adult carers

Date: 28th March 2023
Category: Young carers

animation of a young person spoon-feeding an adult

A total of 1,109 young carers and young adult carers from across the UK have shared their experiences of being a carer. The report reveals that many young carers and young adult carers feel that their role is becoming more intense in terms of time and the number of people they care for. The stress experienced by this is now further exacerbated by the cost-of-living crisis.

Over a half of young carers or young adult carers said they “always” or “usually” feel worried about their future.To address this, the Carers Trust has called for the financial support for young carers and young adult carers to be prioritised due to the extra costs of caring and the challenges they experience in supplementing their income through paid work. Moreover, investments should be made in young carers and young adult carers so they can reach their full potential and aspirations in education and employment.

Over half of respondents said they ‘always’ or ‘usually’ feel stressed because of being a young carer or young adult carer.  Therefore,  young carers and young adult carers’ physical and mental health and wellbeing should be at the fore of planning and decision making at local and national levels.

Read Carers Trust’s report here.