UNCRC Incorporation (Scotland) Bill debated in Scottish Parliament

Date: 13th February 2023
Category: Incorporation

Alarm bell, 'New update'

Martin Whitfield, Scottish Labour MSP, demanded greater transparency and a commitment to a timeline for the incorporation of children’s rights from Scottish Government, highlighting the issue raised by our human rights defenders Beau, Daisy, Arden and Omima at the UN last week.

Last week in the Scottish Parliament, Martin Whitfield, Scottish Labour MSP, made a motion for the Scottish Government to commit to a timeline for the reconsideration process on the UNCRC Scotland (Incorporation) Bill.  The Bill was passed unanimously nearly two years ago but cannot enter into force following a Supreme Court Judgment that ruled in October 2021 that it over stepped devolved competency. Scottish Government has said it is in talks with UK Government about amendments to the Bill.

In his motion, Whitfield made a shout out to human rights defenders Beau, Daisy, Arden and Omima, from Scottish Youth Parliament and Children’s Parliament, who had travelled to Geneva to give evidence to the UNCRC Committee on the state of children’s rights in Scotland. One of the issues raised was the lack of urgency shown by the Scottish Government to follow through with their commitment to incorporate the UNCRC and to make rights real in Scotland. In the debate, Minister Claire Haughey replied saying the legal area is complex and will take time to navigate but has given a date - the 16th of March, when an update on the drafting of amendments will be given.