Scottish Government update on incorporating children’s rights

Date: 13th October 2022
Category: Incorporation, General measures of implementation

Illustration shows children with their teacher. The teacher is holding up a picture of an apple. A poster on the wall reads "Our Rights".

The Scottish Government has provided an update on its progress on the UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill as it moves to the Reconsideration Stage, a year after the UK Supreme Court Judgement.

A year on from the UK Supreme Court Judgement, the Bill will soon enter into the Reconsideration Stage. Last October, the UK judges ruled that parts of the Bill go beyond the powers of the Scottish Government and would need amending in order to comply with devolution arrangements. Since then, the Scottish Government sought feedback from stakeholders and children and young people about proposed amendments in June 2022.

The Bill now waits to enter into the Reconsideration Stage within Scottish Parliament which will include lodging amendments to address the issues the Supreme Court raised in respect of legislative competence.

A recent update from Scottish Government showed continued lack of clarity on timelines, saying “we do not know how long the Reconsideration Stage will take but are currently working to bring the Bill back to Parliament for reconsideration as soon as we can.”