Read the Year of Childhood 2021 Report!

Date: 1st August 2022
Category: General measures of implementation, Incorporation

A mural shows children sitting in "the meadow of rights"

The Year of Childhood 2021 saw the passage of the UNCRC Incorporation Bill and Children’s Parliament’s 25th birthday. During the year, Children’s Parliament explored childhood through the lens of children’s human rights, raising awareness and understanding amongst the adult workforce.

The campaign consisted of various events which provided opportunities for adults to share their experiences of childhood, have discussions with each other about children’s rights-based practice and communicate children’s human rights to key sectors of society. This was to engage professional audiences not just with their duty bearer roles but also to help them better understand their impact on children’s rights in their everyday lives.

While the campaign successfully created a space for dialogue amongst key sectors of civil society about children’s rights, it has also revealed the need for further promotion of children’s rights and understanding for adults across Scotland both inside and outside the workforce.

Children’s Parliament strives for a cultural shift amongst civil society, to have a better understanding of childhood in order for children to grow up in a positive and safe society. The Year of Childhood campaign revealed enthusiasm amongst adults in Scotland to strive towards this.