Improving victims’ experience of the justice system

Date: 1st August 2022
Category: Special protection measures

Closing date: 19th August 2022

The Scottish Government is seeking views on proposed legislative reforms, following the publication of its Vision for Justice in Scotland.

The proposals on which views are sought are:

  • establishing a Victims’ Commissioner for Scotland;
  • options to underpin a trauma-informed and person-centred approach across the justice system;
  • special measures to assist vulnerable parties involved in civil cases;
  • review of the requirement for people accused of crimes to provide details of their proposed defence in a statement provided to the court;
  • new statutory underpinning for anonymity for complainers in sexual offence cases;
  • independent legal representation for sexual offence complainers where request is made to lead evidence in court which relates to their sexual history and/or bad character;
  • the potential establishment of a new specialist criminal court dealing with serious sexual offences;
  • consideration of issues relating to single judge trials for serious sexual offence cases.

Access the consultation here.