Exploring Scotland’s 20-minute neighbourhoods: final report published

Date: 1st August 2022
Category: General measures of implementation, Disabled children

Mural shows child running through a flower meadow with their dog

An accessible and inclusive neighbourhood is crucial for children and young people to thrive. The Health and Social Care Alliance (the ALLIANCE), Disability Equality Scotland, and Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland have reported their findings following an event series exploring 20-minute neighbourhoods.

The concept of a ‘20 minute neighbourhood’ is one where any necessary facilities and amenities should be accessible within a 20 minute walk/wheel/cycle from your home.

Event participants included individuals working in local authorities, planning, third sector and health and social care. They considered how neighbourhoods can be more inclusive, diverse and accessible for a range of groups of people. They looked at the benefits and challenges to this within specific areas such as ‘getting around and accessing services’ and ‘social connection, housing and greenspace’.

The report found that different groups of people and different types of areas require different forms of facilities and amenities. Therefore, participation of communities and the inclusion of different groups of people with different lived experiences in the design process is crucial to achieving a 20-minute neighbourhood that is accessible, inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.