2021 Day of General Discussion report published

Date: 1st August 2022
Category: Care Experienced children

Illustration shows a child being comforted with a hug from their carer.

The Day of General Discussion (DGD) 2021 focused on children’s rights in alternative care. The report sets out recommendations for government, civil society actors and human rights institutions made by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

The DGD takes place every two years. It is an opportunity for children and young people and organisations that work with and for them to engage in dialogue with members of the UN Committee and relevant stakeholders about the contents of the UNCRC and to bring attention to issues and challenges in the protection of children’s rights. This is to enable participation of children and young people in the implementation of the UNCRC and to ensure their voices and experiences are being heard and considered.

The DGD in 2021 focused on children’s rights in alternative care. Discussions were based on important themes which emerged from the submissions of children and young people across the world through an online survey. These themes included the prevention of family separation and a family-based approach in care, the need to reform care systems and access to justice and redress.

Considering these themes, the UN Committee has made recommendations for governments, all actors involved in care institutions, human rights institutions and parents. These recommendations included the provision of child protection systems through a family-based approach, access to child friendly justice systems, deliver care services in line with human rights standards and provide support for caregivers.