New report: The cost of having fun at school

Date: 7th April 2022
Category: Child poverty

a wallet

This new report captures the experiences of pupils and parents in schools across Britain, including insights from focus groups with over 1600 children and young people in Scotland. Lower income families share difficulties making the most of school life and taking part in special activities and events due to cost. The report includes ideas and suggestions from pupils and families about how events can be made more inclusive and examples of good practice from schools.

School fayres, proms, discos, book sales, dress down and charity days can highlight differences between pupils from lower-income backgrounds and their peers, causing them to feel embarrassed and left out. This report is filled with practical recommendations for schools, parent bodies and charities to ensure all children can make the most of the school day.

There is also an abridged version of this report for charities reflecting on their own approach to engaging pupils and fundraising in schools. This abridged version can be read here.