Exploring how laws across the globe protect children’s environmental rights

Date: 7th April 2022
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

women carrying flowers

Children and young people continue to be at the forefront of environmental activism. Despite climate change impacting children’s rights significantly, children continue to be excluded from decision-making processes and laws do not always protect their rights. CRIN has conducted research on 43 countries looking at how laws protect or fail children’s environmental rights, their right to protest and how children have access to courts to seek environmental justice.

Starting in early 2022 CRIN will gradually be releasing its legal country-based reports in batches. So far, CRIN has published reports on Brazil, Norway, Switzerland and the Philippines.

Once the legal reports are out, CRIN will develop further materials, in collaboration with the 43 different countries. These reports will be translated into tools that children and young people can use directly in their campaigning.